OGS's "Can Ask Meh" series is back, this time throwing questions to survivors of heart attacks:


Article, with video, on an interview with the PM of Singapore on the local COVID-19 and economic situation.

"SINGAPORE: On Friday (Mar 28), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke about what lies ahead for Singapore amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He also addressed questions from the media in a doorstop interview."


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Seen today: a notice in front of an elevator telling people to keep 1m apart inside, despite the small size of the lift

If you obeyed that strictly, you'd probably only have one person at each corner + one more stuck right in the middle

Obviously nobody's going to follow that, just like how nobody distances themselves on escalators or while waiting for the train at the platform

Their website = turtle-tortoise.com/

A bit worried about their current status though, given the whole pandemic situation causing a huge dip in leisurely patronage just about everywhere

"A mobile application developed by the Agency (GovTech) that helps in contact tracing for has been installed by more than 620,000 users since its launch last Friday.

With a decision to make the technology behind it available to developers around the world, even more people could stand to benefit."


(well this looks like the tourism industry here is practically neutered then; wonder how many tourist-dependent businesses will stay operational?)

"In view of the heightened risk of importation of cases into , all short-term visitors will now not be allowed to enter or transit through Singapore. This is also to conserve resources so we can focus on Singaporeans."


Singapore launches an app to aid contact tracing. Article includes some details on how it keeps user info private and secure until needed for contact tracing.


#COVID19 #Singapore #ContactTracing #Apps #Security #Privacy #Information

Just heard the Chatuchak Market is prematurely ending by end March, understandably due to COVID-19 putting an unprecedented heavy dampener on attendance + introducing significant health risk to those involved

Apparently they might come back for a second run this year when things are more stable?

Interesting following three different chefs of various nationalities in , and showcasing a variety of styles

(Well, technically one of them works on a train that transits between Thailand and Singapore, but I guess that qualifies?)


One of the cases in shared her experience
surviving the virus, and her appreciation for the hospital staff who oversaw her care during her recovery period


Feel like "social distancing" measures in Singapore are pointless if loads of people still have to cram themselves in buses and trains to get to and from work

This is why I don't like that some firms are being stubbornly reluctant on allowing employees to work from home where possible; many still end up obligated to exposing themselves to crowds for their jobs, even if they aren't in front-facing positions

Singapore tightens travel restrictions. Now all travellers entering by air (visitors and residents) from ASEAN, European, etc. countries get Stay-At-Home Notices for 14 days.


#Singapore #COVID19 #Travel #TravelRestrictions

Lovely. A map of Singapore showing where the various otter families (which are territorial) are located. 😃

The map is also a play on the recently announced electoral boundaries for the next Singapore election.

Via the Ottercity Facebook page.

#Singapore #Otters #Territory #Nature #Environment

Interesting opinion piece on the cultural factors in that probably led to the go-ahead of the Safra Jurong dinner, now deemed another emerging large cluster

Points mentioned: "showing face"; physical attendance as a show of gratitude; weakly worded advice/directive instead of stronger enforcement


"Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Thursday (Mar 12) addressed the nation for the second time regarding the ongoing situation.

He covered various aspects of the situation, including measures which will need to be used if there is a big increase in the number of cases here.

Mr Lee also emphasised that the situation in remains under control and that the nation is not going to shift its Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) to “red”."


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