Nice article and video on Dr. Andie Ang, a primatologist at the Wildlife Reserve Singapore Conservation Fund and the president of the Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) and does research on the locally endangered Raffles’ Banded Langur.

#Environment #Conservation #Singapore #Primates #RafflesLangur #Mammals

Amazing. Still very early days, but hopeful results.

"SINGAPORE: No cancer cells have been detected in the blood of a British boy who is undergoing experimental treatment in Singapore for an aggressive form of leukaemia that would have killed him in months.
This is compassionate treatment, which means it is not even in the medical trial stage yet."

#Cancer #Treatment #Singapore #Diseases

The end of an era for Singapore's Changi Terminal 2.

"SINGAPORE: There will soon be no more analogue flight information display boards at Changi Airport, after the last two of these iconic displays are removed to make way for electronic ones starting from February."

#Information #Airports #Singapore #Changi #ChangiTerminal2

Dengue cases in Singapore are on the rise, and it involves a dengue serotype that hasn't been seen for some time.

"As Singapore has not seen a dengue-3 [serotype] outbreak in the last three decades, the population immunity for dengue-3 is low and therefore more susceptible to transmission of the virus,” NEA said."

#Singapore #Diseases #Health #Dengue #Mosquitoes #Aedes

Cool. iNaturalist is running a workshop in Singapore on Sunday, January 19th on how to use its platform to document nature sightings.

RSVP at this link to join the workshop

#Singapore #Nature #iNaturalist

"Musician Amanda Ling is better known as the keyboardist for homegrown rock band In Each Hand A Cutlass.

Now, the 35-year-old is also 's first consultant-in-training."

""Instagrammable" container boxes, a day-to-night market, a incubator, shared economy spaces and a new link bridge to connect Street to Bugis+ are some of the plans CapitaLand has in mind to revamp the area, the company said in a news release on Thursday (Jan 16)."

"The inaugural One Love is set to take place over this year’s Labour Day weekend, and the initial lineup is pretty impressive.

The and lifestyle event will take place on May 1 and 2 at the Bayfront Event Space, and will feature ’s own Stefanie Sun and Tanya Chua; Taiwanese singers Jolin Tsai, Hebe Tien and Show Lo; South Korea’s BoA; and Goo Goo Dolls and Greyson Chance from the US."


" launched a new corporate structure for funds with 20 so-called Variable Capital Companies (VCC) on Wednesday (Jan 15), a scheme designed to attract more funds to base themselves in the country."

CNA on Bird Park and their dedicated staff, as they prepare to move to Mandai and be closer to the other attractions of Reserves

A post on crunching the numbers on Singapore solar power generation.

"So if you’re looking for a solar PV installation in Singapore in the near future, it’s probably going to be on a rooftop of a building. So how much electricity can be generated from the HDB and other buildings?"

#EnergyGeneration #SolarPower #Singapore

This year's (2020) edition of the Light To Night Festival is running from 10-18 Jan in various city areas in . Lots of installations + & performances + activities at night (especially during the Friday-Satursay blocks), based around the theme of "Invisible Cities".

(Disclaimer: I'm part of one of the concerts Crossroads @ VCH tonight 😉)

Lovely find. "A team led by a researcher from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has discovered five new species and five subspecies of birds - all from just three remote Indonesian islands."

#Indonesia #Birds #Science #Biodiversity

"Banks in announced on Wednesday (Jan 8) that they will be offering new notes to their customers for their Chinese New Year celebrations."

"GrabFood has become the latest food delivery operator to launch a kitchen space housing multiple restaurant brands, turning the heat up on competition among 's three major services."

"For the first time since the annual festival's inception in 1987, the event will be transformed into a virtual playground from Jan 23 to 27, the first five days of (RHB) 2020.

Using their mobile devices, visitors can embark on a hunt to "catch" virtual Chinese zodiac animals at The Float @ Marina Bay in an augmented reality game called ."

(Likely inspired by Pokemon Go, I think)

" is expanding the curriculum and scope of the initiative, with 6,700 more children expected to benefit from an increased range of free classes over the next three years.

The tech giant and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) each contributed $1 million towards the expanded initiative, which has equipped about 2,300 children from low-income families with basic coding skills since its launch in 2017."

"The Hot Spring Park reopened on Saturday (Jan 4) after a $4.3 million redevelopment, expanding from its original 0.1 hectare to 1.1 hectare now.

The park, which was closed in Aug 2018 for the development works, now features a new cascading pool and a water collection point, with enhanced accessibility for wheelchair users."

"Starting yesterday, the Minimum Legal Age (MLA) for the purchase, use, possession, sale and supply of tobacco products will be raised from 19 to 20 years old, said the Ministry of (MOH).

The MLA will subsequently be raised to 21 years old in 2021."

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