"To commemorate 550 years of the faith, year-long celebrations with a line-up of activities have been planned for Sikhs as well as Singaporeans of other faiths.

For the Sikh community, this year marks the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, founder of the faith, who was born in 1469. "


"In line with this year's Year Towards Zero Waste, Compass One will be the first mall in Singapore to officially pledge its support for The Food Bank's Food Wastage Reduction & Fight Hunger Movement."

#Singapore #Food #FoodWaste #FoodDonations


"National agency PUB said... that it will install 300,000 smart water meters across by 2023, in a move that will allow customers to track their daily water usage via a mobile app.

The meters will be installed in new and existing residential, commercial and industrial premises, with the first of these to be rolled out from early 2021."


"The Force (SPF) has launched a fleet of -equipped vehicles it plans to use for pre-planned events, search missions and situations requiring aerial .

The one-year pilot programme is one of the high-tech law enforcement measures SPF is rolling out to enhance its operational effectiveness and become a “smart force”... ."


"Former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock on Thursday (Apr 11) unveiled the logo of the Progress Party.

... 'Our Party symbol is in the form of a palm tree signifying growth, purpose, strength and life,' said Dr Tan."


"Shaw Theatres Jewel will open next Wed (Apr 17) boasting several firsts, including the country’s first DTS:X sound-capable , which offer a multi-dimensional sound experience.

The spanking new at Jewel will also house Singapore’s first dedicated children and family hall, alongside Singapore’s first next-generation IMAX hall, featuring IMAX with Laser, which will both open on Apr 24."


Interesting bit that stood out to me:

"Mr Lee also thanked Dr Mahathir for “his warm hospitality” and extended an invitation for him and his wife Dr Siti Hasmah to visit Singapore on Aug 9 for the National Day Parade. The Malaysian leader has accepted the invitation."

Wonder what kind of reactions that'll stir from both countries (assuming he actually does attend the NDP)

"The prime ministers of and affirmed their commitment to a cooperative and forward-looking bilateral relationship during the ninth Leaders’ Retreat between both countries, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Tuesday (Apr 9)."


"The National of (NAS) building officially reopened on Sunday (Apr 7) after 18 months of upgrading works.

The building now has new facilities such as the 134-seater Oldham Theatre, three oral recording studios, new microfilm readers at the Archives Reading Room and expanded conservation labs."


"Work has begun on a massive underground superhighway in western - the most ambitious project of its kind here to date.

On track to be completed in 2025, the underground labyrinth of pipes will comprise 40km of deep tunnels and 60km of link sewers, traversing 100km across the western half of Singapore, including the downtown area and some new developments in the Jurong Lake District, Tengah Town and the Greater Southern Waterfront."


"German conglomerate Thyssenkrupp will be setting up an innovation centre for additive manufacturing, also known as , in , its first outside of ."


"Nobel Prize-winning Professor Sir Konstantin ‘Kostya’ Novoselov FRS will join NUS as Distinguished Professor of and on 8 April 2019. He will be the first Nobel-prize winner to join a ."


"27 per cent of the in are actually produced by local . Seng Choon is one of the largest suppliers, producing around 600,000 eggs a day. CNA Insider got an exclusive inside look at their farm to see how automation is used to maximise productivity."


"" persons have a place in society, and are entitled to their own private lives," a spokeswoman from the Ministry of Social and Family Development told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an email.

...Yet campaigners say transgender people face a great deal of social , from difficulty in finding jobs, to bullying in school and rejection by their families."


"“Giving people a place to express themselves freely and safely is important to us and we have a responsibility to handle any government request to remove alleged misinformation carefully and thoughtfully,” Mr Simon Milner, ’s vice-president of public policy (Asia-Pacific), said."


We should examine our own behaviours. Not just guys; some women (although less often) can be abusers too.

A Long Read on the abused, both physically and mentally that can occur in Singapore.

#Singapore #Society #Culture #Government #Abuse #Relationships


"The burning smell across is likely to occur less frequently in the next one or two weeks, said the National Environment Agency (NEA) on Thursday (Mar 28).

...NEA added that inter-monsoon conditions are forecast to set in around early April and more showers are expected over the surrounding region.

"This will help to reduce the occurrence of the burning smell in the next one or two weeks,” NEA said. "


" 's nomination of its for recognition by the United Nations is not about staking ownership, authorities said on Thursday (Mar 28) as they announced the submission of the bid.

..."The nomination and the purpose of the representative list is to demonstrate how important (the cultural element) is to the community and country, and how they are committed to safeguarding this intangible cultural ," he said on Thursday (Mar 28)."


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