A nice little perk of 's roster order going by their Japanese lexcial order rather than English alphabetical order, is that pops out rather much earlier instead of like the last quarter of the list

First time ever the NDP performances got postponed, but I'd rather have that than watch the next potential COVID-19 cluster balloon and incapacitate whichever medical frontliners that would've been bold enough to attend the parade

"SINGAPORE: A Singapore study has found that the COVID-19 vaccine provides 69 per cent protection against infection by the Delta variant of the coronavirus regardless of symptoms, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said on Wednesday (Jul 7)."


#Vaccines #COVID19 #Health #Singapore

Currently waiting in the queue for my first COVID-19 jab, and at least it's nice to see quite a sizeable number of people waiting too

Of course I'm not naive to think that just these two shots are enough to completely safeguard myself or those around me forever, but at the very least there's greatly reduced risk of suffering greatly or dying

#Singapore Ministers who co-chair the local #COVID19 task force outline a road map for the future, when the pandemic becomes a manageable endemic disease.

"With vaccination, testing, treatment and social responsibility, in the near future, when someone gets Covid-19, our response can be very different from now. We are drawing up a road map to transit to this new normal."


#Diseases #Society

Honestly Singapore feels less like a meritocracy and more of a metric-tocracy

"SINGAPORE: A locally developed COVID-19 breath test that can generate results within one minute has received provisional authorisation from Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

The BreFence Go COVID-19 breath test system was developed by Breathonix, a spin-off company of the National University of Singapore (NUS), and is the first breath analysis system to secure such authorisation in Singapore."


#COVID19 #Testing #Singapore #Health #Detection

Hah, kinda funny/sad that the couple can't actually kiss due to pandemic safety, so they've had to settle for a hug πŸ˜…

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It's nice that I can still watch the livestream of my cousin's wedding today in this period of COVID-19 restrictions

Seeing everybody wearing masks on site though is a sombre reminder though that we're still in a pandemic

Wonder how long it'd be before I, belonging to probably the lowest priority group at the moment, would have to wait to get vaccinated, especially if other countries more urgently need the supply

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if it takes up to some time next year before I get anywhere in the queue

(well it seems teetering on the edge of another CB seeing that there's still *some* allowed movement outside homes)

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The whole meme-jacking of πŸ’₯UMBRAGEπŸ’₯ the last few days has been something to behold, thrusting the CEO of a press company into the headlines for terrible reasons

having almost all of its new daily cases the last few months being imported, and sticking within double digits, together with less than 100 total deaths, is quite an achievement

Not too shocked that there are annecdotes about poly students involved in terrible hazing rituals or unnecessarily humiliating orientation camp shenanigans

It kinda feels like there's some vicious cycle of terrible camp games attracting new generations of power-tripping (and probably sexually frustrated) student leaders eager to "continue tradition"

Entire house smells like smoke, and others across Singapore have been complaining about the haze smell tonight

Yet strangely the hourly PSI readings from NEA have remained low

Something's wrong with their sensors, or whatever's causing the smell doesn't even involve particles detectable by the sensors

Just found out that right after the upstairs renovations are done, the renovations immediately below our unit will begin

What is up with all these heavy renovations so close together 😡

As annoying as it has been enduring close to a month of daytime drilling and hacking from renovations from an upstairs neighbour, I can't imagine how terrible it is for another nearby neighbour who works as medical staff on *night shift* πŸ˜«πŸ’€

*Maybe* the one person who still deserves sympathy might be the fiancee who got severely burnt trying to free the victims trapped in the car: even if she survives, she'd still have to deal with long-lasting pain, physical and mental

But I mean, that entire circle of friends is complicit in letting these reckless acts go on for as long as they have, being a miracle that they've not actually killed any innocent third parties along the way

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Not easy to garner sympathy for the victims of the Tanjong Pagar car crash: their social media posts seem to give the impression that they've already been reckless, so it's not a one-off speeding thing

Also seems par for the course of a neglected issue (early morning hooligans revving on roads near populated areas) to only get highlighted and scrutinized by govt when a big incident blows up in the news

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