Kotaku article investigating 's unfriendly (maybe understating it) environment, with anecdotes about their CEO's abusive behaviour... Not helping the "sociopathic CEO" stereotype there.


"A survey done by digital wealth manager Syfe, which developed an index to measure retirement readiness at four levels, found that the majority of Singaporeans are at either the highest level of retirement readiness or at the lowest."

#Singapore #Society #Retirement


Singapore's Cross Island Line to run under the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, instead of around it, the preferred route of nature groups concerned over possible disturbance to wildlife in the reserve.

#Singapore #Transport #UndergroundRail #Nature #Environment


A mini documentary featuring Farrer Park Primary and a few of its international students. How do they cope growing up in ?


"SINGAPORE - The war on dengue has received a boost with the opening of a new facility in Ang Mo Kio that can breed millions of mosquitoes a week to prevent urban female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes from producing offspring.
The new facility will allow the National Environment Agency (NEA) to scale up Project Wolbachia by producing up to five million mosquitoes a week."

#Singapore #Wolbachia #Mosquitoes #Diseases #Dengue


A map from the 1600s on South-East Asia that contains one of the first references to a local term for westerners: 'Ang Moh'.

"[T]he Selden Map [...] was rediscovered in 2008 by a scholar after it had been forgotten and buried in the archives for centuries. It is the only Ming Dynasty map of this size and scale that covers South-east Asia."

#Singapore #History #SouthEastAsia #Maps


Techgoondu article commenting on the tech ecosystem (especially ) in , in light of the recent event organised by the Drone Racing League in the Flower Dome


"Singapore Premier League clubs can sign a maximum of four foreign players in the 2020 season, up from three this year, said the Association of (FAS) on Thursday (Nov 28).

... A new under-21 league will also kick off in 2020. It will help players bridge the gap between the youth teams (under-15 and under-17) and the senior level, said FAS."


Asian Boss recently garnered a few opinions in a street interview about + in and the penal code criminalising sex

Definitely a sampling bias here, but a kinda useful insight into some of the ideas permeating some of the local youth


"ComfortDelGro will soon roll out equipped with automatic brakes that will bring them to a stop if it "senses" an impending collision, said the operator on Tuesday (Nov 26).

With the first of four buses hitting the road on Dec 1, the company said they will be the first "fully predictive anti-collision" buses in ."

"In a press release published today (Nov 25), announced that its researchers have created a new metallic material that’s specifically made for flexible soft robots — a durable, fire-resistant material that’s half as light as paper while maintaining the same flexibility to stretch and fold."


"The National Environmental Agency... has awarded a tender to three companies to conduct field trials in the use of treated incineration bottom ash as road base or sub-base material.

The trial will be conducted along a stretch of Tanah Merah Coast Road from mid-2020."


"The public will be able to use facilities like food and beverage outlets, a childcare centre and fitness area at the upcoming NS Hub in Bukit Gombak.
The NS Hub is expected to be ready in 2023 and occupy an area the size of nine football fields. It will be located opposite Cashew MRT Station near the current Mindef headquarters."


CNA documentary looking into the issue long on 's agenda; what triggered 2019's haze after a hiatus, and is being haze-free still possible by 2020?


The "City of Innovation: " is up on , spotlighting some of the country's modern innovators and technologies


"A community blueprint to end the transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus ( ) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome ( ) by 2030 was revealed on Saturday (Nov 23), by non-governmental organisation Action for AIDS (Afa Singapore).

The blueprint hopes to “end the HIV epidemic by 2030” and was drafted by 60 individuals from various organisations, including activists, medical professionals and academics."


"Non-profit community organisation, Happy People Helping People (HPHP), has invited the political parties in to join a fundraiser aiming to help cardboard collectors."


"The Liang Court site at Clarke Quay is set to be turned into an integrated development with two residential towers consisting of 700 units.

... With a total gross floor area of 100,263 sq m, the proposed development, which is subject to approval from authorities, will also include a commercial component, a hotel and a serviced residence, the release said.

The redeveloped site will be directly linked to the Fort Canning MRT, it added."


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