In , Taman Jurong Radiophone Taxi Service was the first to use radiophone technology as a means to link up passengers with cabbies, which they still use up to this day.

Got close and more personal with one of the Smooth-coated Otters (Lutrogale perspicillata) at the Pandan river, Singapore, today. It swam up to the shore only a few metres away and gave me a curious look.

#iNaturalist #Nature #Mammals #Otters #Photography #Mammalia

On iNaturalist [ ]

Patronizing my cousin's newly opened stall @ Golden Mile Food Centre for : nice plate of chicken cutlet and curry

Another niche channel I stumbled upon, Ambient Walking, has loads of videos that features simple walks around certain places, as the name suggests. Majority take place in , but there are a few countries the person's covered too.

Seeing that Maps want to map out individual stalls in , makes me think locals could also jump in and fill the same gap with + , rather than depend on big G to sort that out

A list of fires caused by personal mobility devices (PMDs) in the past few years in Singapore. I don't use them myself and I definitely won't leave them to charge unattended overnight.

#Singapore #Transport #PMDs #PersonalMobilityDevices #Batteries #Fires

iNaturalist is having a 'world tour' of countries with natiure observations logged with it and Singapore is featured here. I'm mentioned in the post as one of the top identifiers in Singapore. Yay, my 5 seconds of fame. :-)

#Singapore #iNaturalist #Observations #Nature

"A 30-year leasehold site near Sembawang Park has been put up for tender to pilot a new residential care community concept for persons with .

The site at Gibraltar Crescent will be specially designed to provide a safe, home-like environment where residents are assisted to live independently... .

... will also have tailored services and programmes, which will help promote participation and social interactions among its residents... ."

Yet another showing what the Night Safari in has to offer, with a peek behind the scenes

(Not with a stuffy news reporter, but a video editor that seems chill)

"All operating in will have to be registered by the end of this year, while pilots of "large or capable drones" will have to be licensed.

"This will ensure that drone operators are made aware of their responsibilities and undertake to conduct their activities in a responsible manner,"....

Errant users may also face more severe penalties, he said. Currently, offenders can be jailed for up to 12 months and fined up to S$20,000."

6 millennials of the + community in share their views on tolerance + acceptance, especially regarding the 377A penal code law

No idea why they're filmed in that vacant space standing throughout though, rather than sitting together in a cozier studio

(Not really Month anymore, but still worth sharing)

The 11th edition of Pink Dot in , an annual + event that ends in a pink light-up, happened on 29 June 2019. This year saw a much stronger proclamation to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code, which forbids sex between two men, even if private and consensual.

Honestly it's ridiculous that 377A still persists here when other Asian countries like Taiwan and India are ahead in this aspect, so "Western values" aren't the problem 🙄

I know about temples of different deominiations beside each other in , but never knew of two different religions practised under the same temple!

A first look at the newly opened attractions at the Jewel @ Changi Airport in ... Bet those will be swarming with kids newly liberated into their June holidays

Don't worry, haven't forgotten about Mastodon, just very quietly lurking around here

CNA feature article on 's enthusiasts of carnivorous : what got them into this niche hobby, and what challenges there are in raising such unusual plants


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