Feature video of a local taxidermist in , extending her interest in animals and zoology, and taking the leap into a niche job: youtube.com/watch?v=-D9z-fkUTw

" will extend its “stabilisation phase” for another month as more time is needed to stabilise the situation, said the Ministry of (MOH) on Wednesday (Oct 20).

...“Unfortunately, given the continuing pressures on our system, more time is needed for the situation to stabilise,” said MOH in a media release."


A sign of changes in the local #COVID19 situation. #Singapore #Healthcare workers are now allowed to apply for overseas leave.

"SINGAPORE - The Ministry of Health (MOH) has lifted the suspension on overseas leave application for all healthcare workers."


" - More than 4,000 children from low-income homes can now start their school day with a free bowl of cereal in the morning.

The initiative is being rolled out from October to 32 PAP Community Foundation and My First Skool pre-schools in Ang Mo Kio and Yishun.

The children will get breakfast for a year under a tie-up between Kellogg Company, The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG) and KidStart Singapore."


"The number of in fell for the first time in more than 15 years in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic made the job more challenging. ... Despite that drop, more people are looking to get into ."


The #Ivermectin idiots have struck in #Singapore. One grandmother is now hospitalised for taking the drug to try to prevent getting #COVID19, at the instigation of her so-called friends from her church.



An example showing that isn't completely immune to harmful disinformation stemming from religious zealots: a woman allegedly took ivermectin after some convincing from her church friends, and ended up in A&E

You think those "friends" are going to face the law of POFMA or what?


Plus there's supposedly gonna be punishment for non-compliance, involving restriction of access to services like WiFi and school emails:


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Saw that NUS is apparently ramping up FET testing of for students and staff intending to come to campus, with a minimum rate of once per week:


A little amused whenever some pictures of are used as inspiration for , especially the Supertrees @ Gardens By The Bay and the Jewel @ Changi Airport

Maybe the *solar* part is there, but I don't think examples from Singapore are anywhere near *punk*

Pretty bummed to hear the news of the death of Chris Ho today, didn't even know he was fighting cancer

Understatement to say he was influential to 's local scene


You might've thought that with all the pushing for Singapore to live with COVID-19 that there'd be more preparation for the expected surge in cases, both mild and serious, but apparently not

What's the point of laying out expectations for treating COVID-19 as endemic if medical resources are feeling strained + implementations of procedures for mild recovery are shoddy

The pandemic nearing to 2 years means there's an entire batch of JC students who had their JC experience entirely affected by COVID-19 restrictions

Imagine those in JC who looked forward to club activities but had to move to completely online sessions and cancel multiple events (competitions, performances, outings, etc)

Finally I'm done with the vaccination programme (i.e. vaccines are in full effect), and I'm no longer the odd one out in my immediate family

Now to wait for the remaining people in who are able to get vaccinated to catch up

Something nice about this year's National Day show - also apparent in the theme song's music video - is the heavy involvement of animation

There's probably a practical benefit of having fewer live action scenes, and hence lesser need to congregate people together, but I think the quality shown so far is pretty great and casts a nice spotlight on local animation talent

I thought today's (postponed) National Day event would've just skipped the contigents since that was dealt with on 9 August

But no, the poor military personnel have to do it again today, so they essentially have to do their whole marching bits again, which practically means at least twice as much rehearsal time spent too

2nd COVID-19 jab appointment went by pretty quickly: virtually no waiting time to injection

Maybe I got lucky with timing though since the holding area for monitoring symptoms was pretty filled up

Couple more weeks till I join the ranks of the fully vaccinated

Currently watching the National Day Ceremonial Parade... Looks absolutely scorching at The Float

A nice little perk of 's roster order going by their Japanese lexcial order rather than English alphabetical order, is that pops out rather much earlier instead of like the last quarter of the list

First time ever the NDP performances got postponed, but I'd rather have that than watch the next potential COVID-19 cluster balloon and incapacitate whichever medical frontliners that would've been bold enough to attend the parade

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