" ’s population declined by 0.3 per cent in the past year to 5.69 million as of June 2020, with a fall in the number of foreigners, data released by the National Population and Talent Division on Thursday (Sep 24) showed.

The citizen population grew by 0.6 per cent in the past year to 3.52 million and continues to “age steadily”, with 16.8 per cent aged 65 and above compared with 16 per cent last year, said the Population in Brief annual report."


"SINGAPORE — Antiretroviral drugs used for the treatment of patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are now subsidised by the Ministry of Health (MOH). The move, which comes after years of advocacy by non-profit groups, is applauded by the medical community.
“This will be invaluable in reducing the fear surrounding HIV, and the stigma and discrimination still faced by many people living with HIV,” Dr Wong said."


#Singapore #Health #HIV

How can the community in help support low-income families disproportionately affected by ? Our Grandfather Story spoke to David Hoe of Project Stable Staples, on observations of the less privilleged families facing problems like financial security and digital gaps


I don't know if I'm overly paranoid, but I'm predicting throngs of clusters popping up all over in the next few weeks due to , judging from multiple pictures + videos showing any semblance of social distancing going out the window, including the polling queues at some stations

Video from Our Grandfather Story on a brief look at + in , certainly an issue on some younger voters' minds that is probably swept under the carpet a lot by older / more conservative citizens


Our Grandfather Story put up a video that gives a little insight on in , an issue to keep in mind as polling day for draws closer


Seeing various screenshots of local reports on 's General Election affairs having their headlines amended, I think we *really* should be making use of web archiving (e.g. with Wayback Machine) to capture these moments regularly

Probably could give a better sense of the impartiality (or lack thereof) of different local press agencies

So anyone watched the TV debates tonight? The small glimpses I had gave the impression of a much more civil roundtable session than the stereotypical theatrical debates

I'm pretty worried that the easing of restrictions in Singapore, and the subsequent consequence of so many people loosening their guard, would induce a huge surge in new cases that would strain our healthcare facilities

I really don't know if re-allowing business operations + getting elections going this early, is worth the risk of more infections + deaths


Interesting video featuring a mother with twin daughters with severe autism, on how she copes with their sexual development; casts an important light on and those with intellectual disabilities in


That Straits Times informal poll about top 5 jobs regarded as "non-essential" in Singapore, and the reaction of local artists at their job being #1, kinda shows how maybe the term "essential worker" comes with extra baggage beyond the concept of an occupation related to critical operations/services

"Architects and doctors in said improvements in living conditions planned for foreign worker dormitories are a step in the right direction, but more could be done."


Interesting that the support for from Singaporeans has triggered another series of introspections towards our people's own handling of racism

Despite flaunting a multi-racial society, it's not really a secret that unfair stereotyping and "casual racism" does occur at times, and I think it's important to tackle such attitudes more openly, rather than just agree to not behave like that in public

"The NDP Together Pack will contain hand sanitisers, a thermometer and a face mask, as well as items that express “collective love and wishes for Singapore”...

...the executive committee will produce the packs for about 80 per cent of households, taking into account those who said that they do not need a pack. This number of packs will be “adequate”, based on prior experience..."


Final day of so-called "Circuit Breaker" in today. Not much is going to change for the majority of people within the next month, but I wonder if people might start being more complacent in sticking to existing restrictions?

I'm personally a bit pessimistic that new case numbers will be kept low to none, judging from the various reports of flouters of measures in place during the CB

The myriad of restrictions on to cope with the -19 pandemic can be especially hard on the visually handicapped


"This year’s National Day Parade (NDP) will be split into morning and evening shows, with participant numbers drastically reduced in line with COVID-19 guidelines.

Fewer than 300 participants will be involved in both segments of the show, and the committee does not plan to allow spectators into the evening show at the moment..."

(Am I overly pessimistic or is this just another Covid-19 megacluster waiting to happen?)


"People living in Housing and Development Board (HDB) estates from Tampines to Sembawang will soon be able to watch growing on their doorstep, after the Food Agency (SFA) launched tenders for nine sites on Tuesday (May 12)."


A long read about the plight of the migrant worker population in Singapore, which now makes up the majority of COVID-19 infections here, and the kind of adjustments society has to do going forward.

"[Associate Professor Eugene Tan] We cannot, as a society, seek to harness the benefits of their being here and yet not prepare to bear the costs of their being in our midst."


#Singapore #COVID19 #Society #Culture #MigrantWorkers

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