As much as we all should do our part to keep the pandemic suppressed, it's getting frustrating that the government is *really* pushing people to get onto TraceTogether, AND backpedalling on previous statements on the data being strictly used for pandemic-related contact tracing only:

The slippery slope argument is honestly not that unreasonable now that the govt is this blatant in pushing their boundaries re: data privacy...

They've also had the gall to only amend the privacy statement *later* to reflect the extra usage of data beyond contact tracing, as though they're going with the "easier to ask for forgiveness than permission" approach

Snapshot on 7 Dec 2020:

Snapshot on 4 Jan 2021:

@btcprox as much as I'm impressed how Singapore has handled the pandemic, this was so unsurprising :(

@noctiluca and govtech wonders why TT adoption isn't as high as their ideal rate

You don't convince your citizens to trust you with their private data, then violate that trust by using that data beyond intended purposes

Definitely would see more people carrying TT tokens in aluminium cases now

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