Not long after lunch today, happened to spot this couple of male water monitors battling it out in the Botanic Gardens, right next to a restaurant with several curious onlookers

Failed to capture the victor soon chasing the loser out into the nearby pool, with some passersby ducking out of the way

Still managed to record them on :

Today's at Cluny court in Botanical Gardens: pulled pork with fries and coleslaw, together with IPA craft 🍔🍺

Cold beer especially hits the spot in this blazing heat ☀️

Loads of Singaporeans out here @ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park waiting to catch the annular solar eclipse

The McDonald's outlet is absolutely packed with customers too!

Today's = Tamago-EN @ nex: had raw egg over rice with salmon, while Mom tried eggs benedict with bacon. Surprised to see a raw egg dish in , and tasty too. The egg white was whipped into a pretty fluffy cushion for the yolk to sit on 🥚☁️

Patronizing my cousin's newly opened stall @ Golden Mile Food Centre for : nice plate of chicken cutlet and curry

For today's , trying out the chili crab bao 🌶 🦀 + curly fries 🍟 from Hawker QSR, 's first Asian fast restaurant just opened here at Kent Ridge

Chanced upon surprise visiting otters along the river in Punggol Park Connector today! Managed to get themselves a tasty breakfast it seems.

Plaster prata for this morning 🤤

More often than not, the person making it tends to overcook the egg, so it's pretty neat finding someone who can consistently achieve the still-runny yolk 😋

Crazy cheap bee hoon @ Anchorvale 303 Food Court, this whole thing costs only $1.70! Don't recall the last time any other bee hoon stall offered a sub-$2 meal 🤯

Turns out the Koufu food court @ Sengkang Hospital also has a nyonya stall selling the blue flower rice! Now no need to go all the way to Downtown East for this 😋

at Sin Heng Kee Porridge beside Hougang Street 21 Neighbourhood Park... Nice hearty hot bowl fit for a cool cloudy like today 🥣 ☕

Quick shot of one of many scenic views we get to take in whole walking along Sungei Punggol in the morning

The fact that I can take this latest offender's picture this close up without a hint of suspicion or guilt from him, certainly indicates how little our PUB cares about illegal fishing at the parks near their reservoirs and rivers 🙄

(not a rare sighting either, this park alone has seen occasional flocks of fishermen fishing without live bait; who knows how many offendes there are across all the parks)

Having some with blue flower for at the food court, after spending a hot morning + afternoon taking wildlife photos with Dad in spots around Pasir Ris park

Popped by Gardens By The Bay tonight with parents, both to visit the dome during the sunflowers event, and to catch the mid-autumn festivities.

One special feature during this period is they tweaked the usual lights + music show at the Super tree Grove, by choreographing entirely to songs related to the Moon.

Hot cup of kopi o with breakfast (at an actual Kopitiam with a capital K) to start the morning ☕

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