"Household here last year was at its lowest in almost two decades as median household grew to S$9,425, according to figures released on Thursday (Feb 20) by the Department of Statistics (SingStat).

SingStat’s annual Key Household Income Trends report for 2019 showed the Gini coefficient, based on household income from work per household member, stood at 0.452 last year, compared to 0.458 in 2018."


@wayward 👋 you from too?

A good way to make yourself more discoverable on this federated network is to list hashtags related to your interests, so other like-minded users across instances could find you.

What other online communities are you part of?

Hello! Many full-time techies here, but I'm just a law student with too much free time.

I'm interesting in exploring small niche spaces and communities, both IRL and online. Looking forward to meeting new people!

"In line with achieving its target of producing 30% of ’s nutritional needs by 2030, Singapore Technologies (SAT), a subsidiary of Wintershine, has launched island nation’s first smart floating fish farm."


Online e-booklet sumarizing the 2020, aka the 's Unity Budget planning a $10.9B deficit to support Singaporeans in various ways, especially in light of the ongoing challenge


Despite often touting itself as a destination in Asia, the problem of food insecurity still plagues a significant portion of citizens. CNA uncovered a few stories of people going hungry, and investigated the causes + measures in place


Also this year's Weapon Presentation ceremony to further drive home the need for to be responsible for our own , on the anniversary of the nation's fall in WWII


This year's Total Day message from Minister Ng Eng Hen, especially more poignant given the challenge that 's facing now


Well it's not another rap like what happened during the period, but it's still a neat comeback for 's famous contractor PCK


Looks like we may be in for the long haul on COVID-19. It's not as deadly as SARS, but spreads faster like H1N1. Eventually, a large number of people may get it but suffer mild symptoms.

Article on how Singapore may adjust its strategy based on info on how COVID-19 spreads.


#COVID19 #Diseases #Singapore

"Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals will from Friday (Feb 14) have access to a new dedicated on-demand service from Grab for travel to and from hospitals.

The service, called GrabCare, will start operating for healthcare professionals to book a ride home from the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), said Grab in a release on Wednesday (Feb 12)."


"The Civil Defence Force (SCDF) will sound the "Important Message" signal on Saturday (Feb 15) in support of Total Day.

The minute-long exercise, which will be played through the islandwide network of Public Warning System sirens, will take place at 6.20pm to mark the time in which the British surrendered to the Japanese Imperial Forces in 1942."


Good that this is being set up. With the amount of human traffic between Singapore and peninsula Malaysia, it is probably inevitable that cross-border cases will eventually occur.

"KUALA LUMPUR: The health ministries of Malaysia and Singapore will form a joint working committee headed by the respective deputy ministers to manage the outbreak of the novel coronavirus."


#Singapore #Malaysia #2019nCoV

@sohkamyung original paper = medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/20

Study on sample size of about 1000, said that the period RANGED from 0 to 24, but MEDIAN period was 3 days. So the 14-day quarantine may not be totally useless.

"The average age at which careers stagnate is seen to be 48, according to a recent survey done in .

...Younger respondents, between the age of 18 and 34, had even lower expectations. They believe their careers will come to a standstill at the average age of 41."


"In a move announced by national water agency PUB on Monday (Feb 10), Sembcorp was appointed to construct the farm at Tengeh Reservoir in Tuas which, when completed in 2021, could generate enough to power about 16,000 four-room Housing Board flats.

It is also expected to reduce carbon emissions here by around 32 kilotonnes per year, the equivalent of removing 7,000 cars off 's roads."


"As some Singaporeans hunker down and stock up on food essentials in the face of the outbreak, and groups are concerned about the impact on their ability to get supplies of out to those relying on their help."


While Singapore is trying to handle 2019-nCoV infectious cases, other local diseases, like dengue, shouldn't be ignored.

"There were 400 [dengue] infections last week, up from 371 in the previous week. There were another 63 between Sunday and 3 pm Monday (Feb 10)."


#Diseases #Dengue #Mosquitoes #Environment #Singapore

In some Singapore 2019-nCoV cases, people have felt mildly sick first before falling really ill.

"That is why those who feel unwell are advised to stay home, or if they need to go out, to wear a mask so they do not spread disease to others.

Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, chief health scientist at the Ministry of Health (MOH), said: "In today's environment, be prudent. If you are feeling febrile, it's better to stay at home.""


#2019nCoV #Diseases #Singapore

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