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residents could soon pass through immigration checkpoints without the need to present their passports. Instead, clearance will be done via iris and facial verification:

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"A one-man team comprising Singaporean research scientist Wang Weimin beat 469 other teams from around the world in a five-month-long challenge to develop the best () model for detecting , or digitally altered video clips."

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Now with further relaxed measures, the nearby mall has completely stopped the security checks on visitors' TraceTogether, and all the dining establishments are back to full capacity with no more blocking tape + stickers

The automated SafeEntry gantries are deactivated, but probably wouldn't go away so soon yet... I guess in case the local pandemic situation escalates and measures need to tighten again?

A new series covering the experience of the first few weeks of in , but this time in the turbulent period of the pandemic where new safety protocol changes some things...

Don't have any relatives in , but I imagine the tons of relief from reuniting with family now that the border with has opened up that much more now

Being apart from loved ones for up to 2 years is immense, and even if modern telecomm solutions can narrow the gap, the physical distance can't be ignored

Interesting sweat-trapping material developed at the National University of , could potentially line the insides of PPE suits and other similar gear to reduce thermal strain:

"SINGAPORE: Singapore will raise the size of group gatherings from five to 10 people and make mask-wearing outdoors optional from Tuesday (Mar 29), announced Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Thursday as part of the country’s “decisive step forward” towards living with COVID-19."

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I'm pretty sure a lot of Singaporeans are perpetually sleep-deprived

Siestas aren't normalized here and we're expected to push through the whole day

And lots of us likely engage in "revenge bedtime procrastination" in response to the long hours from school / work

"SINGAPORE - Students from primary to tertiary level can expect to tap a slew of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) educational activities supported by a $3 million investment from the James Dyson Foundation."

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The Straits Times made a short film following staff of General shortly after the spike in cases a while back, giving a glimpse at how our system faces surges in patients

"A new training facility was launched on Wednesday (Jan 19) at the Institute of Technical (ITE) College Central in partnership with firm .

...The facility at ITE College Central will host Nvidia’s supercomputing platform, which is used for the development of applications. Students will work with companies to develop AI solutions to address business needs, said the college in a press release. "

""SINGAPORE - Researchers here are conducting clinical trials on a first-of-its-kind drug which, if successful, could treat dengue.
The drug, which has a compound name of JNJ-64281802, was developed by Janssen Pharmaceutical, and data on how it works was first published in scientific journal Nature on Oct 6 last year."

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