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Mastodon is fun because it reminds me so much of IRC of old. Where an instance participates in a large network where users connect from various places.

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The @BlackFerns are the @Tokyo2020 women’s Sevens champions!

Tokyo 2020
Rio 2016

| | @WorldRugby

Fiji 7s deserved better than a bronze.

Sky Sport Now lets me set a complex password. But it won’t let me login with it. Sigh.

Recreational rugby in the rain is one of the best things ever.

Fiji came to play. This is gonna be cracker of a game.

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A few years ago after my dad died I was in a pretty bad place. Out of nowhere Jason Sudeikis sent me an email I REALLY needed . I’ve never shared it before (he said it was okay to do) but I just want people to know he did this. He really is Ted Lasso

I feel like I deserve a Mountain Dew for figuring out this bug…

S&P is seriously good enough for me

Might have cranked a little too much this week…

Guess I’m gonna be reading up on tls key exchange

Spending this weekend trying to figure out how to watch rugby in the USA… again. Sigh.

Someone in my neighbourhood has the exact same solar powered patio lights as I do.

Every evening, my lights switch on without interaction. If I switch them off with the remote control… they come back on after awhile.

I’m kinda liking this tug of war

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