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Mastodon is fun because it reminds me so much of IRC of old. Where an instance participates in a large network where users connect from various places.

Love the genuine excitement in Kevin and Deidre’s voices

Close your rings challenge has me burning fats that @LumenMetabolism its telling me I need to fucking eat carbs.

Can’t say I’m sad about this development.

Birthday food craving: Back a yard, Bonchon, Ramen, Tacos, Hot wings…

Might do WWDCBBQ one year though…

This is the first time for a long while that I’m not really active this period of the year. Feels weird that I’m not hating it. Either way can’t wait to see what my co-workers have built at


“I’m a ______, this shouldn’t be hard…” is the worst comment ever.

Two for two for fiction based whiskey recommendations.

Lagavulin from Parks & Rec
Loch Lomond from Tintin comics

T’was a successful first time with Dino ribs

Bad grammar so bad that you had to take a pause to think through the right form of that one sentence

Peak is a super tiny fraction (3.3%) of off peak. What incentive is there for people to just use less power during peak periods then?!

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The difference between PGE’s peak and off peak costs for my plan is… $0.01 😑

Jet lag diner breakfasts are the best

Rich coming from people who choose to ignore human rights abuses in their own house

We will know you by your actions

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