Mastodon is fun because it reminds me so much of IRC of old. Where an instance participates in a large network where users connect from various places.

Back in those days, it was expensive to have your own blog that wasn't on blogspot. I was fortunate enough to have access to a server colocated in a data center. I hosted Greymatter ( blogs for my friends because it was the premier blogging software of the day.

It was my first foray into building communities back then. One of the fun things I did was that there was a landing page for the main domain with a place where the summaries of the latest posts that were written by the people whose blogs I've setup were aggregated.

(Back then having your content out and front & center was paramount to actually participating in the wider community. People also wrote better back then.)

Its my hope that this is what is gonna be.

@echoz thanks for the quick nostalgia trip - I spent a huge part of my teenage years in IRC! Specifically on GalaxyNet. Teens these days with Snaptalk or whatnots, psh.

@n god. i remember galaxynet days. managed an O line on a server prior to it all becoming uncool

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