I went to order my afternoon latte and my barista asked me about Mastodon.

Seriously. This actually happened.

All he knows is that I sit in his coffee shop all day working on something having to do with Twitter and that there's a bunch of bad news about Twitter today.


Nothing like this has ever happened before so I'm kind of freaking out.. I mean.. I've never even met someone in real life (outside of WWDC) that knew what Twitterrific was.. and this is like.. what. I mean.. Mastodon is not my product or anything, but like.. WHAT?!


@bigzaphod the universe is telling you to get on building that mastodon client!

@echoz @bigzaphod
Anyone interested in collaborating on a fork of mastodon to fix the aforementioned blatant security flaws? I figure we have the right community together here to take over the project and make it work much better with added security, privacy, and Bitcoin.

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