Actual food menu items I saw today:
• Massaged kale
• Pea-dusted egg

I fell down and scraped my knee on Sunday. My puppy hasn't stopped coming over to care for the (bandaged) wound ever since. With every lick she tells me it will be okay, and magically, I feel it numbing bit by bit. She's eleven months old today.

This year I was the recipient of a metaphorical open-top shit sandwich. I was told I was “nice”, then a list of things I was not good at, and given an ultimatum.

I wish I had called out the behaviour then and there, but I was tired so I said thanks but no thanks. It was bullying. It was uncalled-for behaviour by persons in power. I know that now.

My advice/lesson is: recognise when someone is using your work to degrade you and know when to walk away.

Is it sad that the only subscription box I will buy is for my dog? N/N

Telling someone their dog is well-behaved/focused because of their breed is like saying their photos are good because of their expensive camera. 🙄

My life as a fur parent on a daily basis is poo analysis at least twice a day: how much, when, and whether the fur kid's crying is a false or true positive.

Especially so now that we live in an apartment building.


When renting out your home you want to break even as much as possible; I used to imagine my former landlords rolling in profits (may well be true, given I lived in overpriced apartments), but now all I want to do is cover my costs and be able to cover for in case of vacancy. It's still a very privileged position, though.

Viewing a rental situation from both sides (lessor, lessee) is weird. Case in point: NBN connection charge for a brand new domicile. As a lessor I'd hate to add to my (tax-deductible) upfront costs, yet as a lessee it's unfair to pay $300 for internet that's essential in modern times.

✔ Dog desexed
✔ House to let
✔ Home to lease
✔ Things to cull
✔ Stuff to move

It's been a busy couple of weeks, and things are beginning to look sunny for the first time in five months.

Trying to explain to Ari why her E-collar needs to stay on. Getting distracted by those brown eyes.

Maniac is genuinely one of the most intriguing and uplifting tv shows I have watched in a while.

Here's a thought: experiencing a personal loss through the death of someone close to you changes your perspective forever. There is nothing quite like the prospect of loss for ever that teaches you that things in life can't be that bad. Although some things are, sometimes, very bad.

My father's death from cancer 15 yrs ago when I was a teenager taught me that. Nothing is that bad: we acknowledge our feelings, thank ourselves for being able to feel, and move on. We detach, but always remember.

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And remember we’re all fucking performing all the time anyway, whether it’s showing emotions or hiding them.

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Here’s an idea: when someone’s having an emotion in front of you, start by believing them. You lose nothing and they might feel seen. Everybody wins.

Had a rather distressing day. Internet, please send photos of animals doing something cute.

Post-yoga bliss out. Feeling like I could sleep through the night and it’s just 8pm.

Another Sydney Tea Festival done and dusted for Endeavour Tea. We worked so hard to get the stall design right this year!

Felt a real pang of missing out as I walked away from my pup who was frolicking on the field across from my house today. She, headed toward adventure; me, toward the bus stop.

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