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One of the reason we move to mastodon. There’s opportunity to build amazing client for mastodon and many of us are increasingly using it for our day to day feed.

It’s open source, anyone can join the mastodon fediverse and based on open standard (Activitypub)
Well said @tapbots. Very disappointed in Twitter leadership for removing these APIs that power one of my favorite apps. 😢

I have been using Apple TV everyday ever since I moved to a new place.

It changed our lifestyle. I no longer use my laptop at home as often and that means I no longer work at home after hours.

Shout out to @echoz

Netflix is probably the smoothest app on my phone now. So subtle and crisp.

Just some random minors. I have been using Apples music memo to record interesting sounds and melodies. And today I realise it’s still not optimised for iPhone X after almost a year. 😔

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Helping a friend:

buUuk is looking for a Backend Developer to join their team in the Singapore office. Know anyone who might be interested? Please contact @isnav!

Job Description — paper.dropbox.com/doc/Ruby-Dev

Prefer candidates who are available in Singapore 🇸🇬


Wow this place looks interesting. Hi guys my name is Jun. Crafting iOS app in Tigerspike. Will listen more, and share a few that matters here. Tooooooot


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