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I’m saying this not for pity — I neither need nor want it — but to help encourage others out there who may have similar issues with motivation and work ethic (undiagnosed inattentive-type ADD, I suspect) that you can find a successful path through the world with luck and work.

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I have an awful work ethic and am a severe slacker with terrible academic performance and a complete inability to do brain-teaser job interviews.

It’s frankly remarkable that anyone ever hired and retained me. I’m infinitely grateful to the few employers who tolerated me.

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I chose tech because it was the only thing I was motivated to do.

But every big tech company rejected or ignored me when I applied. I made very little for a while.

I’m incredibly fortunate that, eventually, @davidkarp took a chance on me and our combo of work and luck paid off. twitter.com/warrenjday/status/

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Tomorrow, Zynga shuts down FarmVille on Facebook after 11 years. I wanted to share the story of how we created it and why it has played such an important role in the evolution of gaming. 1/x

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I was born in Oakland, and I’m excited to stay in the Bay Area — to create local jobs and help solve all of the problems we face as a community, in partnership with non-profits and local government.

And I have never been more optimistic about the future of California.

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Whether it’s homelessness, equality, education — business can be the greatest platform for change to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

I hope those people leaving the Bay Area commit to serving their new communities and not treating them as resources to be harvested.

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My friend @faraz_r_khan had a great point today: there are some startups where if you simply made a quick MVP of the product, it would be absolute garbage (game streaming) but if you make 300+ optimizations and carefully grind at it, you'll make something truly incredible.

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Before we bid farewell to this eventful year, we have another exciting update, just in time for the holidays! 🎉

⚡️ Customize Sub-Tasks at any level across all views
⚡️ Mindmap: Click to Add Sibling Tasks
⚡️ Mobile: Undo / Redo & Landscape Mode
⚡️ Desktop: New Multi-Tab


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happy to finally release Zuko!

it's a basic Lisp-like programming language that i first started work on earlier this year and finally finished it up this block leave.

go check it out on GitHub


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¿Tienes mucho por hacer? 📝 Organiza tu día de trabajo en tu Plus 📲 con la app

Conoce más aquí 👉bit.ly/MotoAppsCo

As someone who like immutability a lot, so far variable shadowing is a big standout for me about Rust.

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Taskade 3.0 is live on Product Hunt! 🚀
Show us some love and leave a comment. 🙌


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8/ My dad taught me that the world is not fair. You can either let injustices define you or choose to move on and find a way to become a more resilient person. The human spirit can do amazing things in the face of adversity.

I think Atwood's Law need an upgrade.

"Any language that can write a JavaScript bundler, will eventually write a JavaScript bundler."


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Founders worry too much about highly funded competitors. Usually funding matters less than the founders' ability. In the short term, a highly funded competitor can hurt you by e.g. lowering prices. But if you survive long enough, it will ultimately become a test of ability.

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🎉 New JavaScript features in ES2020:

➡️ BigInt
➡️ dynamic import()
➡️ nullish coalescing
➡️ optional chaining
➡️ Promise.allSettled
➡️ String#matchAll
➡️ globalThis
➡️ module namespace exports
➡️ well-defined for-in order


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The better testing/tracking you have, the less social distancing you need to achieve equivalent health outcomes. You can focus social distancing efforts more precisely at people who are sick or at immediate risk of being sick and others can get back to normal life a bit more.

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