Think I just burnt several of my USBs in my MOBO by plugging in to try to power my MacBook. Lesson Learnt…

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“Don’t have don’t have one” – must be the most Singlish phrase I have ever heard.

Basically translates to “It’s not impossible”.

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Love this email @jack sent to his @Square team so much. Highlights his commitment to having a meritocracy to keep the company agile, innovative and relevant.

“But if interest is a critical ingredient in genius, we may be able, by cultivating interest, to cultivate genius.”
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The Bus Ticket Theory of Genius:

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Franz throws steel ball at Cybertruck window right before launch. Guess we have some improvements to make before production haha.

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I've been blown away by the vibrant tech meetup scene in Singapore and @engineersftw is capturing it with a community of volunteers. I've been experiencing it as an inclusive community that is encouraging engagement and contribution and I love it 🇸🇬🤗❤️

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A masterclass in marketing from one of the greatest ever, Steve Jobs. Marketing is about values.

this kinda blew my mind for a split second…
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@markdalgleish A better way to do this (because it's literally how Promises work):

// 'pending' or 'fulfilled' or 'rejected'
const [status, setStatus] = useState('pending');

There, you just eliminated 2+ redundant Boolean flags.

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🔥: the new Microsoft Edge will be the best Mac browser if you want a clean Chrome-like UI without the Google overlord.

(It's based on Chromium and you can already get the developer preview for Mac.)

Seeing counter arguments of this is like seeing political conversations.

Feel like a loss cause.

UIStackingView is inspired by flexbox.

I know people like to shit on web. But part of the problem is not tech. And a better web is beneficial for everyone.

Finally, Microsoft history with IE is a cautionary tale and any argument against web is an ever receding one.

The web thrive with treasure trove of ideas since Steve Jobs killed Flash. And those idea made its way into Apple.

Apple SwiftUI is inspired by React. RxJS is the first few implementation of Reactive Programming that Combine was inspired from.

Almost 10 years ago, Steve Jobs made one of the most courageous decision that helped push the web forward.

You have to understand that during that time, Flash was the de facto way to interactive web.

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A necessary addendum: don't take this out on the WebKit team. All of these decisions were made far above their pay-grade. They want a web that can work just as much as you do. Yes, they're Apple employees, but just as oppressed by this as the rest of us.

This is an issue close to my heart. By keeping web second class in iOS, Safari/WebKit is on the path to become IE.

Steve Jobs original vision of app on iOS is web app. WebKit was at one point the driver of Web Standard.

I hope Apple don’t lose this tradition.
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There seems to be confusion about how, exactly, Apple keeps the web second-class on iOS. Understandable! It's the interplay of several interlo…

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