As someone who like immutability a lot, so far variable shadowing is a big standout for me about Rust.

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Taskade 3.0 is live on Product Hunt! 🚀
Show us some love and leave a comment. 🙌

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8/ My dad taught me that the world is not fair. You can either let injustices define you or choose to move on and find a way to become a more resilient person. The human spirit can do amazing things in the face of adversity.

I think Atwood's Law need an upgrade.

"Any language that can write a JavaScript bundler, will eventually write a JavaScript bundler."

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Founders worry too much about highly funded competitors. Usually funding matters less than the founders' ability. In the short term, a highly funded competitor can hurt you by e.g. lowering prices. But if you survive long enough, it will ultimately become a test of ability.

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🎉 New JavaScript features in ES2020:

➡️ BigInt
➡️ dynamic import()
➡️ nullish coalescing
➡️ optional chaining
➡️ Promise.allSettled
➡️ String#matchAll
➡️ globalThis
➡️ module namespace exports
➡️ well-defined for-in order

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The better testing/tracking you have, the less social distancing you need to achieve equivalent health outcomes. You can focus social distancing efforts more precisely at people who are sick or at immediate risk of being sick and others can get back to normal life a bit more.

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If having most employees working from home makes it harder to have meetings, companies may actually be more productive.

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my favorite way to see if a point is inside or outside a path, is using its winding number🍥

traverse the path from the perspective of a point and add up the amount of turning along the way

if it made a full turn, it's inside
if it wound back to 0, it's outside

it's so neat~💖

So you could pass a Map (that have an insertion order and an iterator) and map it to array of something else,e.g. array of components.

Today biggest finding for me is Array.from take a mapFn. Meaning it’s a replacement for lodash map that work on iterator…

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There’s absolutely no way I could pass the coding interview at any of the big tech companies. Even the ones where the interviewer learned to code from one of my tutorials.

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Look, if you had another shot, another opportunity... Thanks for having me @[email protected] Sorry it took me 18 years to get here.

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@[email protected] @[email protected] ...and we're working on a new native module architecture (TurboModules) that will use JSI by default, bringing all those benefits to everyone using them! :)

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And front-end engineers have to fight for crumbs of support from the hallowed halls of the backend team.

I once watched a front-end team spend years asking their backend team for a single field to store arbitrary data in. Sorry, the big brains in the backend team know best.

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Backend engineers jerk us all around through an endless debate about architectural paradigms while front end engineers are tasked with delivering a real-time, 60fps, race free, portable experience to customers on devices that range from watches to televisions.

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This back and forth about microservices vs monoliths is hopelessly stuck in a backend-focused world.

What else should we expect? Front-end engineers are given the incredibly hard tasks of caring for the end user. In too many places, backend engineers still control everything.

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@[email protected] You could also not split front and backend programming apart 😄. Our entire project at Basecamp is based around having a single developer being able to develop and deliver features end to end. It’s the separation and specialization that’s causing so much of the harm.

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