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Hi. Are you a hot single not-so-tall lady looking for paradise? Now's your chance -- @[email protected] is exactly what you need!

- half-dutch lower part black
- big nose big..heart
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p.s. hepi bday bro

Joke aside, the real value in dependency injection is the lesser discussed dependency resolution. When you inject them out of order, how do you resolve their order?

This was done excellently by fusionjs.com
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@importantshock Now we’ll see who you really are

Love to see that happening…
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Apple should drop Intel for AMD, especially in its desktop systems. bit.ly/2FnM1QQ

Oh yes the 100 dollar off is here!
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Wow, M1 practically giving away the iPhone XR in Singapore. Sure, you pay $118/month, but you probably want the unlimited data and talk time (I find SMS rarely utilised). h/t: @Dreampipe m1.com.sg/micro/iphone#Plans

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When I think about building a UI like the checkout process for my workshops it's impossible to imagine doing it without xstate.

The visualizer helps me write the code w/o any significant bugs or blindspots from the start.

Great job @[email protected] xstate.js.org/docs/

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Want to understand a program? Look at the data structures.

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I dug up a comment I wrote last April to warn future maintainers of the daemon I wrote not to reintroduce parallel handling of request contents. Ideally, we would multiplex all requests onto one priority-ordered queue too for a nice perf win, but for arcane reasons it’s unsafe.

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“The top 10, non-language repository topics ranked by the number of GitHub contributors to repos with the topic in the last year.” octoverse.github.com/projects

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We like to underestimate complexity.
But even a Button element can contain an endless number of possible states.
Only 3 Variants (Size, Variant, Type) can put the Button in large number of states. Now think about components with a large number of props.

Apple is definitely at the forefront of chip design and they have a huge advantage.

But they have an extremely capable chip manufacturing partner with TSMC.
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"…some traditional PC folks feel like their world is slipping away. It is."

This top the list in 2018 for me

Young & excited about space, water on Mars (or anywhere else) was always a fascinating question

Today, we not just know but saw a huge ice cap in another planet. That one step closer to knowing if water is a key ingredient for life as we know it
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We found this on Mars in 2018

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Read "The Mac Malware of 2018" 🍎👾

Warning: it's a ~50 page PDF detailing all the new (public) Mac malware/adware of 2018, including for each: download link to sample, infection vectors, persistence mechanisms, payloads, and capabilities 📝 🤓🖤


New Imperialism happened in late 19th centuries (1800s) to early 20th centuries (1900s).

Most countries in Asia declared their independence from colonialism after WWII (1945)…

If you view with that perspective…
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When I look at this graph, I have a very hard time concluding that capitalism is failing the human race.

This is really ridiculous. Top of the line nvme m.2 ssd cost 500-ish.

These thing are super small, usually you just slot it in… smaller than a desktop ram, maybe about half the size, for reference.
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Looking at the price of Mac Mini hard drives. WTF is wrong with Apple?

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It always feels like iOS devs make fun of JavaScript, but at the same time web devs have amazing tooling

- Open Source
- Debugging happens through web sockets -> works between machines, servers & containers
- Inline results while debugging
- Fully interactive
- Instant updates

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People typically feel bad about their mistakes because they are shortsighted about the bad outcome and not about the evolutionary process of which mistakes are an integral part. Every mistake that you make and learn from will save you from thousands of similar future mistakes.

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