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To the fans who have been waiting... VIII Remastered is enrolling on , One, , and this year.

This is basically view as a function: view(model)

Controller main responsibility is invalidating view for re-render. e.g. you fetch new data, you figure out what is change and tell collection view which index path have changed.

SwiftUI took that responsibility.
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Yeah, this does sound like a problem at first glance… 😐

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GitHub is now supporting Swift Packages in their registry!

This is my favourite fan, this thing cool like a beast. Noctua have some of the best engineering in this area, so I love to see how Apple could give them a run of their money!

This is a beauty! and it does not have fan! Does it depend on the case fan? If I don't remember wrongly, there's 3 front casing fans. That could either be 140mm or 200mm.

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Everyone fails. Anyone you see succeeding is only succeeding at the things you’re paying attention to—I guarantee they are also failing at lots of other things. The people I respect most are those who fail well. I respect them even more than those who succeed.

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I got a bit excited and partially replicated the iOS home screen... on the web... using react, react-spring, and react-gesture-responder. 🤓🙃

Try it out here: react-gesture-responder.netlif

Source code: github.com/bmcmahen/react-ipho

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the @[email protected] app is built with @[email protected] for ios, android, and web. it’s not the cleanest code but it works :p you can find it on github (doesn’t currently include web integration in repo, we will add it there soon!)

repo: github.com/react-europe/react-
web: europe.netlify.com

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Now on stage: @[email protected] on designing the rich content editor for @[email protected]

The previous editor was entirely relying on contentEditable and used the DOM as the source of truth. One giant problem with this is that you always end up getting an element soup.

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I'm briefly resurrecting this Twitter thing to share a bit of history I found. In the last chapter of the first edition of the Programming Phoenix book, we wrote about "Phoenix Components" as something that we were actively researching:

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🎉 New interactive post on my blog: Folding the DOM.

This hands-on post dives into 3D transforms and how, with some trickery, you can create nifty fold effects like this.

» joshwcomeau.com/posts/folding-

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We came together today, in the home you imagined for us, and celebrated your spirit. We love you, Steve.

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Apple Park after dark. Those are not clouds; they are part of the art exhibit 🤯

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Wondering about Android and Apple phone security? Here's an objective chart to help you decide:

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A year ago I left my job to dedicate myself to this open source project.

🎉 Announcing Reakit v1 🎉
👉 reakit.io

This is the best project I’ve ever done in my 17 years of programming. I’m sure it'll help many companies ship accessible web apps with ease. ♿️

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Wow, hey, so I’m gonna be working on @[email protected] at Microsoft.

How cool is that?!? I’ll be working at the intersection of JS and tooling at industry scale.

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