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happy to finally release Zuko!

it's a basic Lisp-like programming language that i first started work on earlier this year and finally finished it up this block leave.

go check it out on GitHub


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¿Tienes mucho por hacer? 📝 Organiza tu día de trabajo en tu Plus 📲 con la app

Conoce más aquí 👉bit.ly/MotoAppsCo

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my favorite way to see if a point is inside or outside a path, is using its winding number🍥

traverse the path from the perspective of a point and add up the amount of turning along the way

if it made a full turn, it's inside
if it wound back to 0, it's outside

it's so neat~💖

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Look, if you had another shot, another opportunity... Thanks for having me @[email protected] Sorry it took me 18 years to get here.

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Tip: @[email protected] has a CSS Animations inspector! Modify timing, delays, durations and more.

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Amazing: a termite track (top) and an ant track (bottom) • each travelling insect is protected by its own column of soldiers, no fights necessary | 📹 via Mehdi Moussaid

They wrote some of dota most beautiful stories. Kinda sad we won’t be seeing them winning together again…
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1⃣ Building a productive team is hard when you go .

The luxury of sharing an office disappears—leading to a lack of visibility that forces everyone to level up their communication just to stay on the same page.

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🔥Absolutely wonderful spring-physics playground, for using with React Spring / React Motion / whatever.

Whimsical _and_ highly useful!

Created by @[email protected]


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Came across this photo of Apple launching iPhone SDK in ‘08 (Jobs, Schiller, Forstall on stage - and a ton of empty seats). Seems key moments for the future seldom have an audience.

And if you’re fortunate enough to be there, don’t expect fanfare or validation...yet.

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Well, @[email protected] just put a price to the 64-core 3990X for creators: it's $3990! 2.9 GHz base, 4.3 GHz turbo. This is a crazy amount of cores for the desktop market, coming February 7th. @[email protected] has all the details.

Tip @[email protected]


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👍🔥 Evolution of Code Design at Facebook


Here is @[email protected] sharing ideas from FB’s codebase in *2011*, when it had a whopping 600 engineers.

TIL how close Preparables are to React Suspense caches (coroutines) and Ents had the initial ideas of GraphQL👇

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Hello Singapore! Thanks to iPhone photographers Darren Soh (IG: darrensohphoto) and Aik Beng Chia (IG: aikbengchia) for sharing their love of Tiong Bahru’s rich heritage—and amazing food! 🇸🇬

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The hardest thing about JavaScript is not knowing JavaScript.
So far I've stumbled along without 100% grokking `this` or prototypical inheritance – filled in quite a few holes sketchnoting @iamtylerwclark's new @eggheadio course 👉Advanced JS Fundamentals: bit.ly/advanjs

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Love this email @jack sent to his @Square team so much. Highlights his commitment to having a meritocracy to keep the company agile, innovative and relevant.

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Franz throws steel ball at Cybertruck window right before launch. Guess we have some improvements to make before production haha.

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