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i never studied computer science formally, so a lot of stuff i've had to pick up from friends, colleagues, articles, online videos etc.
so i'm a big fan of the @[email protected] team who manage to explain the internals of the engine in a way even I understand 🙆‍♀️ twitter.com/v8js/status/108086

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I personally haven’t open sourced any code in a while, so I’m really glad that MindNode allows us to open source projects we’ve been working on.

Let me know how you like it ☺️ twitter.com/mindnode/status/10

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Breaking your code up into small functions makes it easier to understand. But not all big functions are equally hard to understand. A function whose body is one big conditional is as easy to understand as n smaller functions, if not easier.

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Who in Apple keeps telling their boss, “No no no, we should keep using butterfly keyboards! THIS time, we’ve fixed the problems. Really!”

And who keeps believing them?

The generation where gaming just turn mainstream is about my age.

We are all adults now…
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I work in IT, which is the reason our house has:
- mechanical locks
- mechanical windows
- routers using OpenWRT
- no smart home crap
- no Alexa/Google Assistant/...
- no internet connected thermostats

Try/catch is just corountine that yielded and canceled…

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redux saga v1 is finally out! just slight evolution, fixing past mistakes etc, certainly not the revolution. I hope your migration will go smoothly 🚀 github.com/redux-saga/redux-sa

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Pay careful attention to the people that are by your side during the hard times.

Those are your true friends and partners.

Never forget them when you are experiencing good times. Instead invest heavily in those relationships during those times.

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This coming TC39 meeting, we're proposing decorators for Stage 3. This is part of a long road, pioneered by the excellent work of @[email protected] , @[email protected] and @[email protected] , with excellent recent work from @[email protected] , @[email protected] and many others github.com/tc39/proposal-decor

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2015, first butterfly keyboard: “We hate it and it keeps breaking”

2016, it becomes the only option: “We hate it and it keeps breaking”

2017, gasket revision: “We hate it and it keeps breaking”

2018, dust membrane: “We hate it and it keeps breaking”

Apple, are you listening?

Butterfly switch is the worst change to an Apple product.

I have a MacBook Pro 2013 and a Macbook 2017 to compare.

The typing experience is subpar. The keyboard seems unreliable. Why do they keep sticking to it?
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2018 MacBook Air butterfly keyboard failures seem way, way too common for such a young product.

Does Apple know, or care, how much long-term reputation damage has been done by butterfly keyboa…

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Hi. Are you a hot single not-so-tall lady looking for paradise? Now's your chance -- @[email protected] is exactly what you need!

- half-dutch lower part black
- big nose big..heart
- will carry you to top10 in dota2


p.s. hepi bday bro

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Path.swift is now 100% documented and is tested on macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS and Linux: mxcl.github.io/Path.swift/

RE: my last few retweets:

On hindsight, Rails spent a large amount of last decade demonizing SQL to prop up their ORM.

I think it contribute to the NoSQL narrative.

This was such a dumb thing for me to buy into…

SQL is an amazing tech.

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@[email protected] Look into some things @[email protected] has done with . Great source for inspiration as well as examples.

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✋ Any recommendations for growing my SQL skills? Sure I know basic select and inner join stuff but it is clear that my weakness in this area is preventing me from being able to analyze large volumes of data in a meaningful way.

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