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I think I understand now where a lot of ideological resistance to React Hooks comes from.


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👋 Next @[email protected] Munich meetup will be hosted by Google, and will have a talk from @[email protected] about the latest and greatest in JavaScript parser performance improvements! Don't miss that! 🔥

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I don't think I could really go back to writing only native iOS code. There are just so many cool problems to solve outside of the Objective-C/Swift playground (😏).

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Today, I'm modifying a Rails API to support our GraphQL orchestration layer's new request-batching, to (efficiently!) expose data to a user interface built using Relay in React Native.

I love this. Genuinely, I am so happy that I get to work in these levels of abstraction 🎉

One of the argument I made for React is that it is more MVC that most MVC frameworks.

It’s like how Erlang is more Object-Oriented that most OO languages.

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to increment some counter on the page,

  node.innerText += 1

doesn't work (0 → 01 → 011 → ⋯), but

  node.innerText -= -1

works fine (0 → 1 → 2 → ⋯)

If you are wondering about the hype of React (after it been out for 5 years), this is it…
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💡 Model and develop your app's logic as if it will be used in many different UIs (e.g., web, CLI, native, etc.), even if it won't be.

This will force you to avoid coupling logic with presentation, which mainstream frameworks (React, Angular, Vue) unintentionally encourage.

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Learning is easier if you are honest about your own ignorance.

People want to seem "in the know." They try to signal that they are intelligent and informed. This is often counterproductive.

Insecurity is the enemy of learning.

A master knows how to be a beginner.

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“Beginners will never learn to setState instead of toggling classes in DOM, React won’t make sense to them”

“Beginners will never learn to update state instead of mutating it”

Where are we now?

Here’s a design mistake: underestimating beginners. They don’t share your habits.

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React Native has fewer open pull requests than React: 135 vs 138. Yo @[email protected] up your game.

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