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A Small Guide for Naming Stuff in Front-end Code

•Don’t make code fast before it is good
•Don’t make code good before it works
•Don’t write code that would make a teammate curse your name
•Don’t forget that future-you is a teammate

People forget that we didn’t need Microsoft approval to build the mobile era.

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New public collection for @Taskade!

Collect and practice its key combinations at

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buried in this announcement is the absolutely crazy revelation that until 2 weeks ago, anyone could have published an update to any npm package. (HT @feross)

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Crabada is an idle game coming to !

🔹Unique PvP-infused Idle Gameplay
🔹Breeding and Marketplace
🔹Lending and Hiring Tavern
🔹Robust Roadmap and Game Progression
🔹Game Incentives and Rewards

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I often think about the “Read what you love until you love to read” comment from @naval , and this is a good generalization. My experience has been that it is easier to educate a Do-er than to motivate the educated; you have to believe you can Do before you embark on an effort.

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Ten years ago today I lost a mentor, colleague, collaborator, design partner, and—most importantly—friend, when Steve Jobs left us too soon. He had an incalculable effect on everyone he impacted, which as far as I can tell, is everyone on the planet.

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Web 3 offers a new way that combines the best aspects of the previous eras. It’s very early in this movement and a great time to get involved.

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Why does Web 3 matter?

First, let’s look at the problems with centralized platforms. (I wrote more about this back in 2018 here

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We are now at the beginning of the Web 3 era, which combines the decentralized, community-governed ethos of Web 1 with the advanced, modern functionality of Web 2.

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I’m saying this not for pity — I neither need nor want it — but to help encourage others out there who may have similar issues with motivation and work ethic (undiagnosed inattentive-type ADD, I suspect) that you can find a successful path through the world with luck and work.

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I have an awful work ethic and am a severe slacker with terrible academic performance and a complete inability to do brain-teaser job interviews.

It’s frankly remarkable that anyone ever hired and retained me. I’m infinitely grateful to the few employers who tolerated me.

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I chose tech because it was the only thing I was motivated to do.

But every big tech company rejected or ignored me when I applied. I made very little for a while.

I’m incredibly fortunate that, eventually, @davidkarp took a chance on me and our combo of work and luck paid off.

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Tomorrow, Zynga shuts down FarmVille on Facebook after 11 years. I wanted to share the story of how we created it and why it has played such an important role in the evolution of gaming. 1/x

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I was born in Oakland, and I’m excited to stay in the Bay Area — to create local jobs and help solve all of the problems we face as a community, in partnership with non-profits and local government.

And I have never been more optimistic about the future of California.

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Whether it’s homelessness, equality, education — business can be the greatest platform for change to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

I hope those people leaving the Bay Area commit to serving their new communities and not treating them as resources to be harvested.

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