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I'm doing a little poll here to prove a point to a friend.

How many of you current #Android users use #FDroid? If you're not on Android any more, did you use F-Droid when you were?

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Hey Jeremy,

I was followed by 4 bots this month. Do you have any idea whether Koptiam instance need to be tighten for keep bots away ?


hello all !

I am back to after 36 days.

I managed to stay away from , , for that long too.

Just sticking with

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It was just an example of how even in the face of #federation you can get people to gravitate towards one particular provider, given enough #marketing #money.

Take #slack for example, a glorified #irc server, or #whatsapp, #telegram and all the rest of garden-walled #xmpp implementations.

We need to do something different to break that cycle. I don't know what the solution is but it will be #social / #political, not #technical.


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@WAHa_06x36 @Gargron

A centralised site can be sold to investors, a federated decentralised network can't.

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Turns out the Koufu food court @ Sengkang Hospital also has a nyonya stall selling the blue flower rice! Now no need to go all the way to Downtown East for this 😋

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Khao khluk kapi #Food Show more

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Using toot upload simply upload the media files to the server and no toot posting sent to timeline



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