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I'm open-sourcing Actual.

I'm sad that I couldn't make it work as a sustainable company, but I've seen the magic of open-source before and I'm excited about what can happen here. Read more!


An article got on my feed saying folks are thinking of leaving Twitter for Discord after the whole Elon thing. I'm like "huh?" Then I found myself back here.

@noorul I havent really looked into this but someone just shared this and thought it might interest you.


Seems my days of tweeting are coming to an end. Account is somehow locked and to unlock I had to pass the recaptcha test and enter a code they send to my mobile number via sms to prove ownership of my mobile number. Except... When I click send, they go on to tell me they cant send the sms because "carrier not supported" :/

Today I learnt you could "take a break" from a friend on Facebook. Lol

I'm not a smoker and don't like inhaling second hand smoke. But it's ridiculous for the state to dictate smoking activity at home. What's next? Deciding what time I eat meals, sleep, mandatory schedules for chores? Coz obviously if I don't properly take care of myself, it'll have knock on repercussions at work which in turn affects others and the country right?

Let's not take the easy way out of trying to foster civility and neighbourliness by legislating the shit out of everything.

Late lunch company

(no I'm not on a call with him. I'm watching a YouTube video. Haha)

And so reading through the feeds, I found it so much more enjoyable here than on twitter and Facebook. I wondered why and figured it's either
1. I've failed at curating who I add to my list of follows on twitter. (I only add friends on fb) and/or
2. The marketers haven't invaded this space yet...

Singaporean who's into tech, movies, books and gaming. Used to like to post my opinions on stuff publicly but with all the self-righteous social justice warriors everywhere, I mostly just post food and gadget pics these days.


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