And so reading through the feeds, I found it so much more enjoyable here than on twitter and Facebook. I wondered why and figured it's either
1. I've failed at curating who I add to my list of follows on twitter. (I only add friends on fb) and/or
2. The marketers haven't invaded this space yet...

@ridz84 heh, let's see when local crypto traders start coming onto this instance 😜

Really though, I've done lots of thorough refreshing of my feeds in various platforms, and it helps.

What I don't like though is that I feel more people are overly vitriolic in how they express themselves in just about anything.


@btcprox haha oh yes, crypto traders.... your handle doesn't happen to stand for BTC Pro-X or something right? :p

I suspect that the increased vitriol might have to do with individual curation and also the display algorithms trying to show more of what it thinks a person wants to see creating ever more powerful echo chambers - amplifying the sentiment people feel which fans the flame even more.

There's probably a study somewhere about this lol

@ridz84 heh, I've been asked this many times, but no I came up with this alias long before bitcoin even registered their online domain 😜

And yeah I suppose echo chambers can potentially skew one's perception of consensus so much that anyone who deviates even to minor degrees are seen as heretics... All this is armchair speculation though lol

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