It's still a very young tech though. The same could be said for many things we use today 15 years ago

You could be right, Ridzwan.

But I dont want support tech.

blockchain has draw back of usage of huge data , &


(2/2)... server and utilities but all the energy required(food, transportation, etc) to maintain the humans that keep the banking system running.

My point here being that the present state of a very nascent tech might not be the best version for long term evaluation of whether society/environment will benefit/lose out. The whole space is very much a series of lab experiments run in the open imo. Too early to dismiss I feel.

I was referring to implemention of for .

Isn't the amount of data generated/shared/stored much higher than transaction ?



Yup there would be more data and types of data to store but I do think how efficient/wasteful the storage solution is/will be would be dependent on the implementation. There are projects whose intent is to better utilise idle storage capacities of individuals which, though yet to be seen at scale, might help to not put everything on-chain but still use a chain as a means to manage and detect/prevent tampering. But still too early though to tell though haha

Have check out which is in alph stage for using idle storage to distribute cloud storage.

Though, Safenetwork is not using . This give better control of usage of data.

I yet to start using it. Liked the core tech


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