Ah not really on twitter although I do syndicate some of my posts there. But i do make the occasional post on facebook.

I think my experience here soured when I followed someone who, at that time, flooded my feed by was posting all the time. Like almost one post every other minute and it irritated me even after I stopped following his updates lol


hey hey! oops I hadn't been checking recently! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

@noorul I havent really looked into this but someone just shared this and thought it might interest you.


Yeah I share your privacy concerns too. Haha which is kinda why I'm also staying clear of using products which store my sensitive data on chain.

That said, I'm not ruling out the possibility of a chain that may allow for the ability to edit/delete in future though. Though I'm not sure how that might work and if so, whether it's compatible with why a chain should be used over a centralised data store (since one kind of forgoes the immutability property)

Yup there would be more data and types of data to store but I do think how efficient/wasteful the storage solution is/will be would be dependent on the implementation. There are projects whose intent is to better utilise idle storage capacities of individuals which, though yet to be seen at scale, might help to not put everything on-chain but still use a chain as a means to manage and detect/prevent tampering. But still too early though to tell though haha

(2/2)... server and utilities but all the energy required(food, transportation, etc) to maintain the humans that keep the banking system running.

My point here being that the present state of a very nascent tech might not be the best version for long term evaluation of whether society/environment will benefit/lose out. The whole space is very much a series of lab experiments run in the open imo. Too early to dismiss I feel.

(1/2) Hmm I haven't looked at the data. I'd think there are folks working on achieving efficiency gains on those fronts though. I'm curious to see the energy comparison data though. Much of the literature I've chanced upon seems to gloss over that the energy consumed for maintaining a chain isn't just about taking into account the electricity consumed but also the human energy requirements of the intermediary entities - like if you displace a bank, its not just the

It's still a very young tech though. The same could be said for many things we use today 15 years ago

Seems my days of tweeting are coming to an end. Account is somehow locked and to unlock I had to pass the recaptcha test and enter a code they send to my mobile number via sms to prove ownership of my mobile number. Except... When I click send, they go on to tell me they cant send the sms because "carrier not supported" :/

Well it could be used for other scenarios too I suppose although I think the snooze function is probably something I'd use more frequently.


I've not tried it but reading about it online suggests it's targeted at folks who just ended relationships and it gives one control over
1. What the ex can see
2. What you can see from the ex
3. What others can see about the ex and you

Today I learnt you could "take a break" from a friend on Facebook. Lol

Why not just stop checking Facebook? I did that and I've been so much happier ever since. It helps to uninstall the mobile app and just check it via the mobile web browser so you engage the feed on your own terms lol. Don't grant it notification rights

I'm not a smoker and don't like inhaling second hand smoke. But it's ridiculous for the state to dictate smoking activity at home. What's next? Deciding what time I eat meals, sleep, mandatory schedules for chores? Coz obviously if I don't properly take care of myself, it'll have knock on repercussions at work which in turn affects others and the country right?

Let's not take the easy way out of trying to foster civility and neighbourliness by legislating the shit out of everything.

Late lunch company

(no I'm not on a call with him. I'm watching a YouTube video. Haha)

@btcprox haha oh yes, crypto traders.... your handle doesn't happen to stand for BTC Pro-X or something right? :p

I suspect that the increased vitriol might have to do with individual curation and also the display algorithms trying to show more of what it thinks a person wants to see creating ever more powerful echo chambers - amplifying the sentiment people feel which fans the flame even more.

There's probably a study somewhere about this lol

Yeah me too. My current X1 Carbon still works fine but just as I was toying with the idea of getting the gen6, the Extreme came up and it seems like a really solid device (specs wise at least) that's worth the increase in weight. Hoping the battery life is as awesome as they've made it sound too.

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