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Hi, I'm a software engineer from Indonesia and living in . I code in .

Async tapi kelarnya sekuensial 🤷‍♂️

Hidup banyak banget masalah ga penting

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baru dpt impoh dr ring 1 kalo ternyata beliau belum lulus S2 krn harus mengulang kelas lagi, jadi tahun depan akan kembali ke oxfrod lg

mohon kitabisa pt. 2 dikondisikan mb @[email protected], saya siap bantu dana

clear docker cache demi macos catalina...

Punya tiket syncfest tapi jauh & penuh kayanya

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The same apply to model training as well -- it can be as simple as `fit` or as advanced as writing a training loop where you are responsible for every last detail.

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You no longer have on one hand, a high-level API that's easy to use but inflexible, & on the other hand a low-level API that's flexible but only approachable by experts.

Instead, you have a spectrum of workflows, from the high-level to the low-level. And they're all compatible.

Kalau dilaksanaken oleh karyawan probation, namanya G30S/PKWT

G30S/PKWT dilaksanaken oleh karyawan probation

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Minta foto perempuan sunda bisa juga disebut pap teteh

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