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Rules / Code of Conduct

While we try to figure out the rules in more detail, here's something that should be a guiding principle:

Don't be an asshole.


@echoz first got the idea when more of his friends on Twitter started using Mastodon. Upon seeing how it worked by federating across multiple instances, a slight twinge of nostalgia was felt. It seemed like it was a worthwhile endeavor to try and setup a local instance for Singaporeans to connect from and to build a local community that also participates in the greater Fediverse.

What came next was a few days of trying to figure out a name for the place and credit must be given to mrbrown for the name, as obvious as it may be. The fact that Armenia had a TLD that ended in .am also definitely helped a lot.

@lxcid took on the task of setting up the various components of Mastodon on the Google Cloud Platform since he had the most experience there.

We have plans to enrich the experience here so stay tuned for that!

Administration Team

At this point in time, we are currently not looking for a moderation team but are always open to suggestions for how to improve this instance.


In the interest of transparency as to how reliable and real this is, we're listing some of our costs as this gets brought up. It will be updated as we have more information as we add more users and run our projections

  • Domain Name (USD54/yr) donated by @echoz
  • Google Cloud Platform hosting paid for by @lxcid's Google Credits for now
  • Mailgun free tier for sending out emails