It's still a very young tech though. The same could be said for many things we use today 15 years ago

You could be right, Ridzwan.

But I dont want support tech.

blockchain has draw back of usage of huge data , &



(1/2) Hmm I haven't looked at the data. I'd think there are folks working on achieving efficiency gains on those fronts though. I'm curious to see the energy comparison data though. Much of the literature I've chanced upon seems to gloss over that the energy consumed for maintaining a chain isn't just about taking into account the electricity consumed but also the human energy requirements of the intermediary entities - like if you displace a bank, its not just the

Hey Ridz,

That is a long % interesting explaination.

It is good those issues are being addressed. I was thinking somebody will start working on it.

Certainly, I've thought of your points before. It is acceptable for for


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